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Why Code with Code Cobras?



Coding is the language that powers our world.


Team Work

Coding projects are team projects.


Problem Solving

Coding solves real-life problems.


Math and Science

A lot of math and science are embedded in coding.


Unleashing Creativity

Unique design projects and game development.


Internet responsibility

Internet safety and digital citizenship.



Game-based approach that kids are sure to love.


About Us

Code Cobras was founded by geeks who have a passion for education and community. Our goal is to better prepare kids for the digital economy and future jobs. We want all kids to code by the time they finish elementary school. We will work with parents, community organizations, schools and other partners to realize this vision. 


 Our Founders


Idris Elbakri wrote his first two lines of code on a Commodore 64 when he was 10. The first line printed Idris' name to the screen. The second line told the computer to go back to the first line and do it again. This is called an infinite loop - terrible coding practice! He eventually coded a scientific algorithm for his PhD thesis to process medical images. Code Cobras was born in his dining room where he setup a coding class for his kids.


Osaed Khan is homegrown Manitoban who has a passion for teaching and has taught Math and Science for over 15 years. His interest in coding started in high school when he interned to do web development for a start up internet provider company. Osaed sees the benefit in empowering kids to express themselves with problems solving skills when creating their digital creations. As a parent, he enjoys coding through video games with his own kids.

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Camp Location

Southeast Collegiate
1269 Lee Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 5W8


Future Programs

 School Year Programs

Delivered after school, students will learn coding languages through a variety of exciting, interactive and engaging coding programs.

Weekend Programs

Our exciting weekend programs are fun AND educational, guiding young technology lovers through the design and development process.

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